MEGA Tour Kick-Off in Hamburg


So yeah, after very little sleep, a long train ride back to Hamburg and a couple of hours at work, me and a friend of mine found each other on the Reeperbahn where the Make Europe Great Again tour would kick off.

Since I work practically next door I had previously come by after lunch to see if there was anybody around already and indeed, a bunch of Lord of The Lost fans were already waiting at the front door.

This time we made it for the entire set of Rabia Sorda, but since it was only 5.30 pm the venue was still quite empty. The Grosse Freiheit 36 is one of the bigger concert venues in Hamburg and probably the biggest on the Reeperbahn – I think The Docks are smaller, but I won’t fight you if you think otherwise.

I must say that after the intimate concert from the day before I felt almost disappointed when I entered the room, where I had seen various bands in concerts such as The Shins or Maximo Park for example. The stage is really high up and quite far away since there were crush barriers for the front row.

We watched Rabia Sorda from afar. They were good, no question, and the growing number of people were happy to see them playing and danced and although it is a big venue, it got really hot very quickly. Also due to the heat of the warm summer day outside probably, but let’s give it to Rabia Sorda. The last couple of songs a lot of people sang with and that made me very happy. After only about 30 minutes the set ended.

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A colleague at work had told me earlier, that there would be a goth-party called Die Schwarze Nacht (the black night) at the venue after the concerts and if you bought tour tickets you didn’t have to pay again later, to attend the party. I thought it was nice to know and I hoped it would lead to more people coming to see Filter play later, but of course it also meant that the bands had to stick to their schedule.

During Rabia Sordas set The Lord of the Lost artists appeared on the balcony with their families which distracted a lot of their fans who were standing in the front rows. I thought they looked quite nice. I love make up, costumes and masks so I was getting excited for their gig. In the mean time some more Filter fans had arrived, they looked a little lost in the massive black crowd, but I immediately felt more comfortable.

The Lord of the Lost gig was a blast. There was a lot of smoke a lot of action on stage and I faintly remember an LED-guitar or bass-guitar glowing in tact to the song. The crowd went wild, they danced along, sang along, screamed along, played with the band and the band played with them. My colleague had also told me that they were locals from St. Pauli. I think that’s nice. Also – extraordinarily – the black mass turned out to know the lyrics to Lord of the Lost’s cover of Everybody (Backstreet’s back) suspiciously well…

I sang along too, it was great and it was fun and I was happy. I thought Lord of the Lost were cool, it’s not my kind of music, but their fans were awesome and another good reason to love living in Hamburg as much as I do. During the break after their set something weird happened – while everybody stepped forward for Lord of the Lost the room almost emptied itself before Filter. Except for a stubborn bunch of Combichrist fans who literally hung from the crush barriers like wet towels. Some even sat in the front row, with their backs to the stage and I wondered if they would get up, once the new band would start playing.

Spoiler: They didn’t. I can’t really say anything nice about the Combichrist fans I encountered, so I’ll shut up, but I still think it’s rude and I must confess I felt a little offended by their ignorance for the artists on stage and Richard told me a few weeks later that it was exactly this kind of behaviour, that ruined his mood at the gig in Munich.

Anyway, in the second row I found my friend from the night before and again, we eagerly waited for the setlist to be put up only to spot Welcome To The Suck (Destiny Not Luck) being on it again – our second chance. I also (finally!) met the other Filter fans from Hamburg, which I knew from the Facebook fanpages.

The Filter gig started very very sudden, there was no intro and The Take begins extremely quickly. As I have written in the [ German version of this concert-report ] (which is absolutely not like this one AT ALL) I regrettably didn’t write down the setlist that evening, the way I usually do. On my arm that is. It was too wet, too warm, too moist.


I had a hunch that since there were other bands they would probably stick to the setlist firmer than yesterday – which put my chances up of hearing Welcome To The Suck live.

Buuuuut it didn’t. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears when Richard Patrick turned his back at us AGAIN and declared he’s not going to do „this one“ – A-G-A-I-N!
But it didn’t matter. Instead he told us to come by the merch stand after the concert, where he would meet us and sign our stuff.
Fair enough.


Ultimately the set was very similar to the one in Berlin but the sound was better.I really wish I had a setlist, but:

. . : : / / : : . .

Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg

Didn’t take any notes, because I suck.
Please help me.

After the gig we all rushed to the merch stand – I had my shirt signed (I took it off first (wait, why am I writing this down?)) and even managed to ask for a selfie! Well done, June 3rd-Sarah, well done. As I took a picture with Richard Patrick, my friend took a picture of me taking a picture with Richard Patrick.
We’re so meta.

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Ach <3 @filter_richard_patrick

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I met with the very nice and very good looking Filter fans I knew from Facebook (turns out they’re just as dear, as they are good looking – I hate this kind of people) but then decided to leave. I had seen the Combichrist fans which made me not wanting to see Combichrist.

When I stepped out onto the Kiez in broad daylight (which was terribly irritating until I realised it was only around 9 pm) I felt very happy.
Five minutes later I felt very sad.
Was that it?
Was that the last Filter concert ever?
I mean, it was great, but…

The last one?