Because random redheads work well with the audience


Music and Lyrics by Joss Whedon
Performed by Joss Whedon

A caveman painted on a cave
it was a bison, was a fave
the other cave-people would rave –
they didn’t ask „Why?“

Why paint a bison if it’s dead
when did you choose the colour red
what was the process in your head
he told their story
what came before he didn’t show
we’re not supposed to…

Homer’s Oddyssey was swell
a bunch of guys that went through hell
he told the tale but didn’t tell
the audience why

He didn’t say, here’s what it means
and here’s a few deleted scenes
Charybdis tested well with teens
he’s not the story
he’s just a door we open if
our lives need lifting

But now we pick pick pick pick pick it apart
Open it up to find the tick tick tick of a heart
a heart

It’s broken by the endless loads
of making-ofs and mobisodes
the tie-ins, prequels, games and codes
the audience buys
the narrative dies
stretched and torn
„Hey, spoiler warning!“

We’re gonna pick pick pick pick pick it apart
open it up to find the tick tick tick of a heart
a heart

Joss, why do you rail against the biz
you know, that’s just the way it is
you’re making everybody miz

These out-of-date philosophies
are for the dinner table, please
we have to sell some DVD’s

Jed, Maurissa, Zack:
Without these things you spit upon
you’d find your fame and fanbase gone

You’d be ignored at Comic-Con…

I sang some things I didn’t mean
Okay, let’s talk about this scene
I think it’s great how Ryan Green –
Oh, this is no good
I thought J-Mo would back my play
now Zack and they all say

We’re gonna pick pick pick pick pick you apart
open you up and stop the tick tick tick of a heart
a heart…

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