Zitate from the Dragon Age

zitateWie angekündigt kommen noch ein paar weitere Zitate, die mir beim wiederholten Spielen an den Kopf geworfen wurden. Und nicht wie angekündigt die eigentliche Story zu „Einmal absolute Verzweiflung und zurück“, das kommt dann noch!

„Ha! Let’s see. Oh! When was the last time I slipped my hand into some dark hole? … Uhm … Ah, I remember. Long story that.“ Zevran

„And there we go, it was definetly traped but I’m too awesome by far.“ Zevran

„We were all a little bit younger the last time we were here.“Wynne
„Well, not you. You’ve always been old.“ Alistair

Upon being heavily injured after a fight:
„Injured! As in me, as in Ow!“ Alistair

„What do you think I spawned from a log?“ Morrigan
„A thieving weird talking log maybe…“ Alistair

Redcliffe castle, the possessed Connor to his mother:
„Silence, woman! You are boring me.“ Connor
„At least I’m not the only one…“ Shale

„Yep, lotta tension around here“ Oghren
„You think so? Do you?“ Alistair
„Know what I do to relieve tension?“ Oghren
„I hesitate to wonder“ Alistair
„I polish the ‚ol weapon (chuckles)“ Oghren
„Really?“ Alistair
„Yep. Give it a good shine with a dry rag. Then with a little grease…“ Oghren
„That’s disgusting!“ Alistair
„You’re telling me you never gave your blade the ‚ol spit shine?“ Oghren
„I think that’s private.“ Alistair
„Really? (chuckles) Sodding Chantry and its rules. I like to do it right out in the open.“ Oghren
„Where people can see you?“ Alistair
„Yep!“ Oghren
„Wait… What are you talking about?“ Alistair
„What are you talking about?“ Oghren

Upon seeing darkspawn approaching:
„Oh great, and I wanted to stop for lunch any minute.“ Alistair

At the tip of a sword:
„Thing is, I like living.“ Zevran

„Just so you know, if the king ever asks me to put on a dress and dance the Remigold, I’m drawing the line. Darkspawn or no.“ Alistair
„I think I’d like to see that.“ Spieler (wenn weiblich)
„Well, maybe for you… But it has to be a pretty dress.“ Alistair

„Were you really locked up in that cage for twenty days?“ Alistair
„It may have been more like thirty. I stopped counting after a while.“ Sten
„What did you do? Twenty days is a long time.“ Alistair
„On good days, I posed riddles to passers-by, offering treasures for the correct answers.“ Sten
„Really?“ Alistair
„No.“ Sten

„Why do you occasionally refer to Alistair as ‚a little pike twirler'“? Wynne
„Why? Has the little pike twirler taken offense?“ Oghren
„It’s just a curious description.“ Wynne
„Curious? Heh, nah it’s entirely true. What, you haven’t seen him twirling his pike? Goes at it when he thinks no ones watching, knocks about in the trees like there’s no tomorrow. Caught him just the other day, blushed all the way down to his navel, then couldn’t find his shirt. I swear he’s gonna hurt himself one of these days, the way he works that thing.“ Oghren
„I don’t want to hear this anymore do I?“ Wynne
„I keep telling him pike’s are for sticking things at long range, aye? Horses and such. Not for twirling like a sissy girl.“ Oghren
„Wait, you’re talking about an actual pike? Like a spear?“ Wynne
„Obviously. What else would I be talking about?“ Oghren

„Manners! Always in the last place you would look … Much like stockings.“ Flemeth

„Fart me a lullaby! …“ Oghren

„You’re not just cold stone. There’s a person inside you somewhere.“ Lelianna
„If there is, it’s because I ate him.“ Shale

„Ah, but listen to me go on. You start a conversation and I just run away with it, don’t I?“ Wynne
„Not run so much as hobble.“ Spieler

„Butter what?“ Leliana
„Butterface. Everything about her was marvelous but her face.“ Zevran

„There were rapists. And the cake was soggy.“ Spieler

„Why do I have to be called ‚Elder Mage‘? I know I’m getting past my prime, but still…“ Wynne
„Would you rather I called you ‚Older Mage But Don’t Mind My Sagging Bits?'“ Shale

„I have a question for the painted elf.“ Shale
„The painted elf? You mean me? I quite like that – go ahead.“ Zevran
„You are a Crow?“ Shale
„Well… Not exactly… Yes, I suppose I am, why?“ Zevran
„So you like to defecate on poor unsuspecting statuary.“ Shale
„(flirty) Given the chance, yes.“ Zevran
„Stand far away from me elf, far, far away.“ Shale
„Alas, this is not an uncommon reaction to my presence.“ Zevran

„Maker’s breath! What are these Darkspawn doing ahead of the rest of the horde? There wasn’t supposed to be any resistance here!“ Alistair
„You could try telling them they’re in the wrong place.“ Spieler
„Right. Beause clearly this is all just a misunderstanding. We’ll laugh about this later.“ Alistair

„Last time I came to Denerim I stayed at a place so filthy even the bedbugs had fleas!“ Zevran

„Leave the slaves and the letters, take your money and go.“ Spieler
„Oh no, without the elves the whole trip isn’t… profitable, I’m afraid. Have you anything else to suggest?“ Caladrian
„I suggest you keep your screaming to a minimum.“ Spieler

„Heading off to slay dragons without me, hmm? Fine, fine. Say hello to the Archdemon for me. He never writes anymore, it’s rather distressing. And… Do watch your back. No getting eaten. Unless you think it’s really important, of course.“ Zevran

„That pot-bellied son of a whore Teagan said I’d pass out before drinking an entire barrel of pickle juice — I aim to prove him wrong.“ Oghren
„Oghren… Don’t ever change.“ Spieler

„Is that a purebread Mabari Warhound? I wish pets were allowed in the circle.“ Apprentice
„Remember the Dragonling disaster? There’s still pieces of Ivan burnt under the ceiling of the third floor.“ Apprentice
„I mean normal pets. Dogs, cats, rats, owls…“ Apprentice
„Owls? What sort of mage has an owl as a pet?!“ Apprentice