Zitate aus Ferelden

dazitateteaserEs war ein schönes Wochenende. Jawohl, es ist Herbst. Und wie in Chicago’s „Saturday in the Park“ waren die Menschen am Samstag im Park. Die Sonne schien, die Vögel zwitscherten und die Menschen tanzten fröhlich in den Straßen Hamburgs.

Hätte ich die Rolläden an diesem Wochenende mal geöffnet, wäre ich verwundert gewesen über die vielen glücklichen Individuen da draußen. So etwas verwirrt mich immer. Nein, ich lag in den beschützenden und bequemen Armen meines PELLOs und genoß meine erneut letzten paar Tage in Ferelden. Verstehen, was ich an dieser Fantasiewelt toller finde, als an anderen, muss niemand. Ich möchte auch niemanden davon überzeugen, wie toll Dragon Age ist, ich mach schliesslich keine Werbung oder PR. Ich werde jetzt auch nicht mit „Aber…“ fortfahren. Was mir am Spiel so gefallen hat (neben Alistair) ist der Humor. Während meiner abenteuerlichen Abenteuer in den Abendlanden Fereldens (Wow, das klang ja gar nicht erzwungen!) wurde ich ununterbrochen von NPCs zugelabert. Und das auf höchst amüsante Weise.

Und vielleicht findet es ja noch jemand außer mir lustig.

Warnung! Bitte lesen Sie zuerst die Wettervorhersage!

Das Wetter wird heute sonnig bis bewölkt mit einer leichten Spoilerschauer im Norden.

„A new day awaits us! Or so the rumour goes.“ Zevran

„If the king wants to see you and Duncan, you probably shouldn’t keep him waiting. He might get mad, start crying, you’ll feel bad, and … Well, it won’t be pretty.“ Alistair
„Please don’t hit me! I bruise easily!“ Alistair

„If we wait too long we won’t be able to swing a dead cat without hitting a darkspawn!“ Alistair

Approaching the Urn of Sacred Ashes:
„I didn’t think anyone could suceed in finding Andraste’s final resting place… but here… here She is.“ Alistair
„I stand in awe, really!“ Morrigan
„Nice vase. I should get one for my home.“ Zevran

Different team, same Urn:
„This is a great honour! I will treasure this moment forever.“ Wynne
„Congratulations, you have found a waste-bin.“ Sten
„Elves plant these trees to remind themselves of who they once were. And then they pee on it. Charming symbolism, really.“ Zevran

„So. With the boss, aye?“ Oghren
„Pardon?“ Alistair
„You and the boss. Rolling your oats.“ Oghren
„I don’t know-“ Alistair
„Polishing the footstones.“ Oghren
„-what you’re-“ Alistair
„Tapping the midnight still, if you will.“ Oghren
„What are you going on about?“ Alistair
„Forging the moaning statue. Bucking the forbidden horse. Donning the velvet hat.“ Oghren
„Are you just making these up right now?“ Alistair
„Nope. Been saving ‚em.“ Oghren

Upon seeing darkspawn ahead:
„Alright, who ordered death?“ Alistair

„Why are you smiling like that? You look suspiciously like the cat who swallowed the pigeon.“ Alistair
„Canary.“ Wynne
„What?“ Alistair
„I look like the cat that swallowed the canary.“ Wynne
„I once had a very large cat, but that’s not my point. My point is why are you smirking?“ Alistair
„(chuckles) You were watching her. With great interest, I might add. In fact, I believe you were…enraptured.“ Wynne
„She’s our leader. I look to her for guidance.“ Alistair
„Oh, I see. So what guidance did you find in those swaying hips hmm?“ Wynne
„No no no, I wasn’t looking at…you know her…hind-quarters.“ Alistair
„Certainly.“ Wynne
„I gazed…glanced, in that direction, maybe, but I wasn’t staring…or really seeing anything even.“ Alistair
„Of course.“ Wynne
„I hate you. You’re a bad person.“ Alistair

„Levi, I’m afraid your grandmother is possessed!“ Spieler
„Either that, or she really let herself go.“ Levi

„Necessary? Having to relieve yourself after an eight-hour ride is necessary. But there’s no excuse for summoning demons.“ Alistair

„Charming.“ Avernus

„Your glibness does you no credit.“ Mage
„Here I thought we were getting along so well. I was even going to name one of my children after you.“Alistair

„Now let’s go and squash something into a fine paste, before it starts thinking I’ve gone soft.“ Shale

„You know, one good thing about the blight is, how it brings people together. It’s like a big party: We could all stand in a circle and hold hands. That would give the darkspawn something to think about.“ Alistair

„It’s just… My background makes mages nervous. And nervous mages make me nervous.“ Alistair

„Cake! Excellent!“ Spieler

If you team up with Zevran…
„Still, if there were a sign for us to be desperate I think it just knocked on our door and said hello.“ Alistair
„You Fereldans are so finicky.“ Zevran

„Elves have strange powers.“ Spieler
„Being easily conquered does not constitute a ‚power‘.“ Sten

„Alistair, she’s one archdemon short of a blight.“ Spieler
„Yes, but she seems more… „Ooh, pretty colors!“ than „Muahaha! I am Princess Stabbity! Stab, kill, kill!“ Alistair

„Now that the warm fuzzy part is over we can get back to the ritual dismemberments. Oh wait, it’s not Tuesday, is it?“ Alistair

„Ow! My bruise is all bruised now!“ Alistair

Upon not answering a personal question of the Gauntlet-guard
„Oh good, for a moment I thought you would go on a weepy tirade trying to share your feelings.“ Zevran

„Is my being upset so hard to understand? Have you never lost someone important to you? Just what would you do if your mother died?“ Alistair
„Before or after I stopped laughing?“ Morrigan
„Right… very creepy. Forget I asked.“ Alistair

„Where is the cake? I was told that there would be cake. The cake is a lie.“ Sten

„That’s what I’m here for. To deliver unpleasant news and witty one-liners.“ Alistair

„An interesting strategy, do you intend to continue heading north until it becomes the south and attack the archdemon from behind?“ Sten
„He’ll never see it coming.“ Spieler

„Afternoon, stranger. You looking for a stool to share a brew?“ Nevin
„You looking for a fist to share your face?“ Spieler

“News of the hour: Prince Bhelen attacks assembly and is inconveniently slain. Epic Fail“ Harrowmont Announcer

Das war „Zitate aus Ferelden 1“ jawohl – 1. Das heisst es folgt irgendwann noch eine weitere Zahl größer als Eins, denn das Spiel ist zu voll mit Awesomeness für nur einen Beitrag!